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Hidden Toxins In Your Home

Hidden toxins in your home
Surrounding yourself with toxins sounds strange - downright crazy, even. Why is it, then, that we ignore the hidden pollutants in our own homes? Before you resort to a life in the wilderness, read what National Geographic says might be harmful to you and download our summary of what you can do to prevent the damage. In it you'll find valuable information about what's lurking in your appliances, nonstick pans, and even your food.

Reducing exposure to toxins
While some toxins are inescapable, recognizing their origins and effects can help you select preventative measures. A recent Newsweek article offers tips and tricks for reducing exposure to toxins in your home:

* Buy a water filter to trap pollutants
* Become knowledgeable about the ingredients in your toiletries (i.e. shampoo, lipstick, etc.)
* Avoid microwave popcorn
* Don't opt for stain-protection treatment on new furniture and clothes
* Use canned foods and plastic containers in moderation
* Buy PBDE-free electronic equipment
* Don't use paint containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
* Choose a dry cleaner that doesn't use Perchloroethylene
* Dust and vacuum weekly

Alcohol is a toxin, too
For some people, drinking alcohol is a way to relieve stress or escape from reality. For others, it's merely a social habit. Either way, alcohol is a toxin. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism emphasizes that the liver must work overtime to eliminate alcohol toxins from the body. As little as three drinks can cause serious liver problems when paired with common over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen. According to, alcohol inhibits the nerves that control innate functions such as breathing, a healthy heartbeat and gag reflex. When consumed in excess, alcohol may also cause a sudden drop in body temperature which can trigger cardiac arrest; and cause blood sugar to fall to a dangerously low level – a prime cause of seizures.*

Alternatives to alcoholic beverages Lavender

While recent research recognizes the health benefits of wine, drinking alcohol in excess is unhealthy. The soothing qualities of meditation and aromatherapy can be natural alternatives. Try setting some time aside each week to meditate. Meditation can be a time for deep reflection and rhythmic breathing or just quiet daydreaming. Either way, meditating instead of drinking alcohol is better for your health. For an added benefit, try meditating surrounded by the soothing scent of the lavender flower. Frequently used to inspire a more relaxed state-of-being, lavender can serve as a fragrant companion to meditation.*

Drinking water cleanses your systems Girl Drinking Water
The human body is an impressive organism – one that has the power to detox naturally in a sufficient manner. All systems in the body, from the digestive system to the respiratory system, play a part in the detoxification process. Both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) agree that increasing your water consumption will help your body expel pollutants. Consuming other healthy liquids, like herb teas and natural fruit juices, also help rid the body of toxins. points out that the road to natural detoxification is paved with a variety of fiber-rich foods and healthy liquids.*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do Wok Cooking Right

The first use you think of when you hear about woks is almost certainly stir-frying. However, with woks having been around for a very long time and being the mainstay of Chinese and other Asian cooking, they have many uses.

Woks are cooking vessels with a rounded bottom and sloping sides that aids the cooking process. The origination of the wok came out of necessity. The shortage of fuel for longer cooking processes was a problem. The wok cooks at extremely high temperatures for a short time. The secret is intense heat, but controllable heat.

Today woks are made with flat bottoms as well as the ancient rounded bottom types. The flat bottom woks are better on electric stoves or glass type stove tops, while the rounded bottoms are great with gas stoves.

Many materials are also used in wok making and it is largely a personal preference. Determine which material will work best for you.

Many Asian cooks swear by the old family cast iron wok. Modern glass top stoves work well for the iron enamel wok, but this wok does well on the gas stove too. Typically, a carbon steel wok sets costs about £50 and the stainless steel sets are about £70. The stainless steel wok is 5 ply with 3 ply of it inner layers being aluminium. Aluminium is known for its heat conducting qualities. Cast iron woks, 14" in diameter at the top, sell from about £10. They will need to be seasoned, but they will outlive most of the family.

What is so special about wok cooking? The shorter cooking times seal in juices, save energy and create delicious flavours. The lean Asians are a testimony to the wok cooking with its low cholesterol cuisine. In wok cooking you can steam, stir fry, simmer and deep fry. Even in the deep frying you will be able to avoid the longer cooking times which lead to more oil absorption meaning higher calories. Various accessories can be purchased along with your wok to insure that your new cooking techniques are done properly. For instance, your steamer basket should be 12" in diameter to fit a 14" wok.

The preparation of the food to be cooked needs to be done in advance. Cutting and slicing and knowing which foods take the longer cooking times is very important. Buy a wok cooking book and research your new recipes on the Internet. Your new cooking utensil has opened up a new culinary door. Learn which oils suit your wok cooking and which do not. Learn the techniques for a steaming basket and how to steam a meal on a plate lowered into your new wok.

Healthy meals, faster meal preparation, and delicious food are three good reasons to get a wok that undertakes many cooking functions. Every kitchen has space to incorporate one more cooking vessel and you may even replace several pots with the purchase of the wok. Shop for one that will suit your needs and the cooker you use. Happy cooking!

Have a look at the extensive Information on Woks, including Wok Reviews at Woks (for the UK) and Wok Reviews (for the USA)

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Do Any vegans eat eggs?

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Organic Products,Vegan Diet and Anything Related

With all the increasing awareness out there people need a place to talk and exchange knowledge ideas and recipes for a healthy lifestyle.
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